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I'm finally learning to decondition my toxic individuality from growing up in the west.

Also - the artwork on your posts is just stunning! They are like a meditation unto themselves... Do you make them yourself?

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Really digging your posts recently!

This post reminds me of two @annehelenpetersen posts, both about community care and possible ways to build “an infrastructure of care”.

Specifically, when you mention it’d be great to have “3-4 mom-friends like this”. I don’t have kids, and rarely if ever get asked to watch other peoples’ kids, but I would if asked. Seems like new cultural norms may be emerging around community child care.

Can’t be sure, but I’ve enjoyed AHP’s writing about it.

This post sketches out some strategies for shared childcare:


This post is a deeper dive, and gives a method for sending out a google form to identify ways ppl might like to be cared for in a small group of friends.


Hope my comment doesn't come off as presumptuous, sharing these posts in case you think they are cool/helpful/interesting :)

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