great stuff! I feel like I'm in your camp! I'm currently really striving to BUILD a thing, but the grandmother in me wants to tidy everything neatly first. I can't help but follow, and hope that it will lead me where I need to be. thank you for sharing!

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"If you put the same amount of thought and effort into keeping things running smoothly, people will wonder if you’ve actually done anything at all."

This line really cuts to the chase on the common complaint women have about men not understanding the invisible burden women carry about running a household.

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Thanks for sharing! It's really helpful to hear that even in years-long relationships, there are still moments where it feels like each person is speaking a different language!

The conclusion that both sides have good points echoes what I've seen described recently as the "And Stance" (https://kzhai.substack.com/p/090-always-avoid-binary-thinking), and the complementary dynamic reminds me of this concept of "matched opposites" – basically adding a bit more nuance to "opposites attract".

Also, the unsung importance of maintenance work reminds me of this comic called "You Should've Asked": https://english.emmaclit.com/2017/05/20/you-shouldve-asked/

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