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I love this piece - thank you for writing it so poetically, it was a wonderful read ahead of starting another week tomorrow.

It’s interesting, I joined an energy company to help accelerate the energy transition but I’m not getting the same sense of purpose now as I used to get from it. The positive impact I have doing this is much more nebulous than the impact that I feel I would have if I were creating a better world for my kids and grandkids through everyday micro-actions...

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Jul 1, 2023Liked by Made in Cosmos ✨

Magnificent. I've family & friends...who've decided not to procreate. I canNOT imagine looking at my parents & family in such a selfish way and celebrate so as one has said, "I'm the end of this psychotic run-on sentence...a living period.

I don't have many family items...but those I have I cherish. How some of us do or do not respect life and our families is interesting...I guess it does take all kinds.

Thanks for speaking words I too feel in my heart. This platform and authord like you have truly saved my sanity. Sincerest Thanks.

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May 26, 2023Liked by Made in Cosmos ✨

A wonderful post, and on my birthday haha :)

Thank you as always!

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What about those of us without kids? I feel myself cut off from humanity; no romance, no close friends, nothing to bring me into community, and no idea how to do so. It's hard to care about humanity when humanity is so demonstratably uncaring. I've had hard times and soft times, and I can't say either of them has motivated me. Too busy surviving in the hard times, too busy relaxing in the soft ones. When we deconstructed the old reality, we failed to construct anything new.

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