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Maria, I am so enjoying your blog. I had a lot of thoughts on this one. Here's a song I wrote about my own experience: https://cynthiasongs.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/BEA-002-Soul_to_Call_My_Own.mp3. The lyrics are on the link I (accidentally!) Sent above.

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Thank you Cynthia! I love this song so much, it describes my own journey too so well. May our glorious, true and audacious free and unfettered joyful nature bloom freely forever ❤️

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"I’m glad I gave myself this chance to seek out the Divine on my own terms instead of giving up and believing that I am simply not good enough for this life, and definitely not good enough for the next one."

I agree with this statement - the real God would prefer us to directly explore the idea of God and not take pre-packaged ideas. Have been through a similar journey myself and am glad to see/read about others. Best wishes.

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